Services Offered

We offer a variety of services related to the exploration and production of deepwater clastic reservoirs. We have worldwide experience in the description of deepwater clastic sequences and reservoirs. In addition, we can provide reports matching your plays or prospects to analogue fields. Over the years, we have developed many field seminars to classic areas of the world where deepwater clastics can be observed in detail. Two classroom courses have been developed to maximize your knowledge of these reservoir types.

We have developed two “Turbidite Databases”. The Field & Reservoir Database can be used to find analogues, calculate statistics and produce detailed analogue reports. The Outcrop Database can be used to find aspect ratios and other data on architectural elements in the process of building reservoir models.

Reservoir Description

North Sea Field Heterogeneity Model – We can help you build models of turbidite reservoirs or fields to use as reservoir simulator input.

We can provide lithotype classification and lateral dimensions of beds, channels and other architectural elements necessary for converting 1D well data and 2D or 3D seismic data into a stochastic geological model.

Among our resources are a library of data from many areas of the world. Geological input has been provided for reservoir models at the Morpeth, Holstein, and Europa Fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

Analogue Studies

Analogue studies are useful in frontier as well as mature areas. They can provide uncertainty limits for rock properties or reservoir and field production characteristics. For example, if you have a 10,000ft deep Miocene turbidite prospect with no nearby production, you may want to know the range of recovery factors, porosity and permeability for Miocene turbidite fields with a depth range of 9,000-11,000 ft. Cossey and Associates Inc. can provide this information in a detailed analogue study. Analogue reports have been compiled for clients in parts of East Africa and Indonesia.

We can also conduct analogue studies matching subsurface reservoirs to outcrops where architectural elements and other features may be similar. Customized literature analogue studies can also be provided.

Regional Studies

We can conduct regional exploration studies utilizing various types of data such as core samples, seismic data, logs and other information for any region of the world, including industry active areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. Steve Cossey has worked extensively in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore S. America, offshore Africa and the Far East.

Field Seminars

Customized field seminars can be arranged to many of the spectacular deepwater clastic outcrops around the world including the Tabernas Basin and Pyrenees, Spain, the Kongsfjord Formation, Norway, the Cloridorme Formation, Quebec, the Adana Basin, Turkey, the Chicontepec Formation, Mexico, and the Annot Sandstone of France.

Available Field Seminars

  • Tabernas Field Seminar – Customized Trips on Request.
  • Annot, France – Customized Trips on Request
  • Ainsa, Spain – Customized Trips on Request
  • Chicontepec, Mexico – Customized Trips on Request.

Classroom Training Courses

Cossey & Associates Inc. offers three classroom courses on deepwater clastics:

1) Deepwater Clastics (3-day course)
This course covers all aspects of deepwater clastics, including all reservoir and non-reservoir types from core-scale to seismic-scale. There are seven class exercises. The course can be given in-house at any time and can also be split into half-days during any one week.
Please call or email for customized courses, such as Almeria, Spain (Field Seminar and Course).

2) Deepwater Channel Reservoirs (1-day course)
This course covers all aspects of deepwater channel reservoirs, including channel- levee systems.
This course is currently available only for in-house groups.

3) Geological Field Methods for Deepwater Clastics (1/2-day course).

4) Stratigraphic Prediction Course (3-day course) More Information


Dr. Cossey has been involved in many exploration and development projects concerning deepwater reservoirs around the world and has extensive worldwide knowledge of these types of reservoirs. He is available for consulting projects on a short or long-term basis. Please check an up-to-date list of publications for more detailed topics. Below is a partial list of geographic areas where these projects have been conducted:

Offshore Guyana

Onshore and Offshore Eastern Mexico (numerous projects)

North Sea

Gulf of Mexico (numerous projects)

New Zealand

Offshore Sabah

East Africa


Offshore Peru

Onshore and Offshore Colombia