Analogue Field Summary Posters (NOW AVAILABLE)

The Gulf of Mexico deepwater has been explored for over 30 years and provides us with numerous examples of producing fields which can be used as analogues for other areas of the world. These field analogue posters summarize the exploration, development and production of Deepwater Clastics fields.

Each poster contains a selection of structure maps, amplitude maps, seismic lines, production profiles, cross-sections, type log(s) and tabulated test data as well as a full set of references, exploration and development summaries and "lessons learned". Each poster prints as 24 inches x 36 inches in size and can be downloaded in tiff format.

Currently the following field posters are available:

Tahoe, Gulf of Mexico


Bullwinkle, Gulf of Mexico


Reservoir Summary Posters (NOW AVAILABLE)

These posters describe the four main architectural elements of deepwater reservoirs (Sheets, Channels, Levees and MTCs), their characteristics, completion methods and production problems and surprises. Each poster prints as 24 inches x 36 inches in size and can be downloaded in tiff format.

Currently, the following reservoir posters are available:

Levee Reservoir Poster


Thin-bedded Levee Reservoirs "White Paper" (NOW AVAILABLE)

Each Available now, this report provides detailed information on thin-bedded (levee) deepwater reservoirs. The report contains information on reservoir characteristics, performance, production problems and surprises. Each field history is summarized in detail and each reservoir is analysed with monthly production profiles and logs. In essence, a state-of-the-art "white paper" on the technical aspects of these reservoir types.

Levee report contains:

  • Comprehensive sections on Architectural Elements, Recognition Criteria and Depositional Model.
  • Detailed exploration and development summaries of eight Gulf of Mexico fields and one West Africa field.
  • Detailed production history of twenty-one completions, including logs over completed intervals and monthly production profiles of water, gas and oil.
  • Comprehensive conclusions covering Reservoir Model, Well Design and Production.
  • Summary 3 ft x 2 ft poster on deepwater levee reservoirs.
  • Critical information necessary for building reservoir models.
  • 97 pages with extensive references and field summary sheets.

Channel and Sheet Reservoirs "White Papers" (Coming Soon)

Each report may be licensed individually or all three may be licensed at a discount.

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