Student Comments

"It was a great course. It has me rethinking some of my old interpretations and given me new ideas to think about. It is a great class for anyone working in the deep water, no matter what their skill." Conoco participant.

"I will definitely use the material immediately in my day-to-day work." Conoco participant.

"This course should be something all new hires should have. All in all a very thorough and effective course". Conoco participant.

"I understand deep water clastics far better after this course". PanCanadian participant.

"This course contains many new models for slope traps that replaced many outmoded ideas that I had been exposed to previously". PanCanadian participant.

"Excellent Course. Great reference material." PanCanadian participant

"Excellent applied focus, responds honestly to questions." PanCanadian participant.

"Effective learning climate. Steve Cossey encourages questions and discussions". PanCanadian participant.

"It provided a more structured approach into the understanding of deep water sediments" PetroTrin Participant, Nov 2001.

"It will cause me to re-look at some of my earlier work!" PetroTrin Participant, Nov 2001.

".... this course will serve me greatly in my geology career and future studies. The exercises were intriguing and the real world data from these "new" reservoir types were very interesting" PetroTrin participant, Nov 2001.

"Well prepared, well presented, great examples" Halifax, N.S. attendee, May 2002.

"High level of knowledge manifested by instructor" Halifax, N.S. attendee, May 2002.

"A very timely course in light of the deepwater drilling offshore N.S......." Halifax, N.S. attendee May 2002.

"Very good course. CD is very helpful" Houston attendee, Nov 2002.

"I would recommend this class to others!" Houston attendee, Nov 2002.

"Good references; introduced me to some new ideas and gave me an opportunity to look at some pertinent fields" Houston attendee,Nov 2002.

"A great refresher and idea provoker" Namibia course attendee, June 2004.

"I have a better understanding of deepwater clastics" Namibia course attendee, June 2004.

"The entire course was relevant" Namibia course attendee, June 2004.

"Highly experienced and delivers lectures in a concise, clear, audible and focussed manner. Highly recommended for other operators. He is really a teacheer than a lecturer" Chevron Nigeria attendee, Oct 2005.

"Understands the subject matter and is able to pass the subject matter across" Chevron Nigeria attendee, Oct 2005.

"It is an excellent course for the beginner in deepwater prospecting and is a refresher course for the experienced professional" Chevron Nigeria attendee, Oct 2005.

"A well, cool-headed lecturer that fully understands the course and a great teacher indeed!" Chevron Nigeria attendee, Oct 2005.

"It is a very relevant course for all geoscientists working in the deepwater environments" Chevron Nigeria attendee, Oct 2005.

"Almost everything I learned here is directly applicable to my daily work" Petrobras attendee, Aug 2006.

"The course was well-organized and I thought the instructor did a good job of explaining the terminology" Devon Energy attendee, Aug 2006.

"The content exceeded my expectations. Some material may be already known by experienced professionals, but for the less-experienced, I found the class most informative" Devon Energy attendee, Aug 2006.

"Very good course. Highly applicable to my daily work". Ecopetrol attendee, Sept 2009.

"Excellent exercises". Ecopetrol attendee, Sept 2009.

"An excellent course to understand these types of deposits". Ecopetrol attendee, Sept 2009.

"Detailed introduction to deepwater systems and exploration". Petrochina attendee, Nov 2010.

"The course is wonderful!". Petrochina attendee, Nov 2010.

"The course is very systematic and was very useful for me". Petrochina attendee, Nov 2010.

"from the basic knowledge to the very sophisticated stuff - very clear and systematic". Petrochina attendee, Nov 2010.

"Excellent!!". Petrochina attendee, Nov 2010.


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