Deepwater Reservoirs: An Integrated Course and Field Seminar, Tabernas and Sorbas Basins, Spain


Course Leaders: Dr. Steve Cossey & Dr. Kick Kleverlaan

5-Day Field Course and Field Seminar (max. 20 participants)

Cost: US $3,300 per person (includes tuition, guidebooks, ground transportation). 


This course and field seminar will be based in the small village of Carboneras, just east of Almeria, Spain. Each day will consist of field stops in the morning through late-afternoon and classroom presentations in the early evening. The field seminar will be led by Dr. Kick Kleverlaan and the classroom course will be taught by Dr. Steve Cossey.

In the field, participants will study outcrops in the Tabernas and Sorbas Basins and learn the stratigraphy, shape and scale of submarine fan bodies in a small, active basin. The outcrops will illustrate the types of geological heterogeneity that occur in deepwater reservoirs, as well as the value of sequence stratigraphic approaches, paleobathymetric analyses and structural settings for predicting the large-scale character of fan deposits.

In the classroom, participants will learn the characteristics of architectural elements in deepwater reservoirs (sheets, channels, levees, contourites, mass transport complexes), as well as deepwater processes, sequence stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, sedimentary remobilization and lessons learned. This instruction incorporates new observations and has been presented around the world to over 350 geoscientists, engineers, and managers. A full listing of the course content is available in our training section. The classroom presentations will reinforce the field observations.

Who should attend

The course is designed for multi-disciplinary audiences of exploration and production geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers who need a basic understanding of deep-marine sediments or an in-depth view of submarine fan architectural elements.


Day 1 - Mass Flow Processes. Introduction/basin-fill geometry/slope aprons/Transgressive Systems Tracts/Alluvial.

Day 2 - Continuity of sheet-like turbidites. Mixed sand-mud turbidite system sheet reservoir sands.

Day 3 - Amalgamated turbidites and their pinch-out geometry. Sand-rich turbidite system, amalgamated reservoir sands.

Day 4 - Channelized turbidites. Channel complex, basin floor topography and erosional channels.

Day 5 - Main deep-marine feeder complex. Vertical and lateral changes in reservoir quality in main sediment conduit. Team exercise.

Participants should plan to arrive in Carboneras the Sunday afternoon before the course and leave on the Saturday morning after the course.


The course cost will be US $3,300.00. The price includes tuition, all ground transportation, field seminar guidebook, classroom course notes with CD. Participants are responsible for air transportation to and from Almeria, Spain, hotel, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

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