Tabernas Seminar Itinerary

The Field seminar will be based at the Hotel El Dorado in Carboneras, just northeast (along the coast) from Almeria, Spain.

Tel: +34 (950) 454050

Fax: +34 (950) 130102

Day 0


Arrive in Carboneras in the afternoon. Suggested arrival time is no later than 4pm.

Day 1



Basin-fill geometry

Slope aprons

Transgressive Systems Tracts - alluvial and deepwater sequences.

Day 2


Mixed sand/mud turbidite system

Sheet reservoir sands.

Deepwater sequences.

Day 3


Sand-rich turbidite system.

Amalgamated reservoir sands.

Day 4


Channel complex.

Basin floor topography.

Day 5


Canyon geometries and fill.

Day 6


Drive back to Almeria for flights. Travel from Spain.


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