Chicontepec Field Seminar Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Poza Rica, Mexico. Drive to Poza Rica Inn. Introductory presentation to the basin. Night in Poza Rica.

Day 2

Drive south from Poza Rica to Paleocene lobe deposits exposed near Atlapexco. Night in Huejutla

Day 3

Drive west of Huejutla to observe basin margin thrusts, lobes at San Francisco outcrop and mass transport complexes. Night in Huejutla.

Day 4

Drive south of Huejutla and walk along road outcrop showing Eocene canyon-fill sequence with a 26 m and 3 m thick DEBRIS FLOWS in the Chicontepec Formation. Top of thick debris flow shows pressure ridges with thin-bedded sandstones filling in the lows. Boulders float on top of the debris flow. Base of debris flow surface is erosional and dramatically cuts stratigraphy. Edge of debris flow shows syndepositional faults and preserved "flap" of stratigraphy. Many bed thickness changes also occur.

Drive to Acatepec Eocene canyon-fill sequence showing channel pinchouts, debrites, slumps and sandstones with mud-clast conglomerates. Night in pueblo of Chicontepec.

Day 5

Drive south to Eocene onlap outcrop at Colatlan, and igneous dykes. Continue driving back to Poza Rica. Night in Poza Rica Inn. Summary of field seminar in evening.

Day 6

Flights depart for United States.

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