The Geological and Depositional History of the Chicontepec Formation, E. Mexico

On Demand

5-Day Field Seminar (max. 20 participants)

Includes tuition, guidebook, ground transportation, services of a translator. Does not include travel to/from Poza Rica, Mexico.


The Eocene and Paleocene Chicontepec Formation of eastern Mexico records the infilling of a deepwater basin between the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Cretaceous reef complex of the Faja de Oro. The Paleocene sediments were derived from the Tanlajas canyon in the northwest and filled the irregular basin topography by "fill and spill". In the early Eocene, the sedimentation changed, more canyons developed on the shelf and the sediments were derived from the southwest in a series of well-documented submarine fans. Five sequence boundaries have been identified in the basin.

The field seminar will start and end in Poza Rica, Mexico and visit spectacular outcrops of lobe deposits, canyon-fill sequences, slumps, debrites and thin-bedded levee deposits as well as basin-margin thrust faults. The outcrops will be incorporated into overall basin history.

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