Annot Objectives

  • Seismic-scale to individual bed-scale appreciation of the architecture and elements of a well-exposed deep-marine high-continuity sandy system which accumulated mainly in a pre-existing and topographically-complex sub-basins associated with some syn-sedimentary tectonics.
  • Relationship between tectonics and sedimentation.
  • Onlap relationships associated with sandy turbidite systems. Onlaps are important in turbidite reservoirs as they may provide either stratigraphic seals or leakage.  The field course involves an evaluation of field examples of onlaps.  Hydrocarbon analogs and prospectivity.
  • To consider applicability of depositional model/s for the Paleogene of Southern France to areas of hydrocarbon exploration and production.  The Paleogene provides direct analogs for the complex slope basins of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Process sedimentology.  Training course in deep-marine processes, including the issue of turbidites versus debrites, structureless ["massive"] sands.



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